Hello world!

Hello everyone.  This is our first venture into the blogging world, but we’ve been making a lot of neat things in and around our home and want to share with all of you.  To give you a taste, this blog will have posts on cooking, knitting, sewing, building furniture, traveling, gardening, biking, anything that inspires us/catches our attention and of course, our dogs.

To get you started, here are our introductions:

Greg and Eunice:

We’re both residents (Greg is in internal medicine and Eunice is in pediatrics) who long for a simple way of life.  Follow along to see how we like to spend our time!


Our Golden Retriever that’s been with us since he was 10 weeks old.  He’s well over 3 years old and still acting like a puppy.

Pickle then...

Pickle then...

Pickle now


Our Golden and maybe Australian Shepherd mix that we rescued from the SPCA when he was about a year old.  He’s 2 1/2 years old now.




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3 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Danica

    Love the blog and love you guys!

  2. Alice

    awww….great pics of picky n dwight monster! Cool blog…again, how do you have time for all this stuff???

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