Vermicomposting a.k.a. Worm Composting

A few years ago, we had a successful worm composter until it met the fate of a hot Sacramento day.  This time around, we’ve crafted an even better bin and we promise to be kinder to the poor worms.

Initially, we were looking to buy a worm composting bin like this.  But the $110 price ticket wasn’t making us too happy.  Instead we bought 3 rubbermaid bins, roughly $5-10 each and built this…


It’s a 3-tier system.  The bottom has no holes and is meant to catch any run-off  liquid produced by the worms (aka compost tea) which we plan to dilute and use in the garden.  The 2 top bins have large ~1/2 inch holes on the bottom to allow the worms to travel and small ~ 1/16 inch holes on the sides for air.



The lid also has small holes for air circulation.

We just barely started it, so only the middle bin is active.  It’s full of veggie scraps/newspaper and paper bags and about 1 pound of red wigglers.  Remember to use Red Wigglers and not any old earthworms.  We found a great small local business called Worm Fancy for our worms.

Here’s a close-up of some worms getting cozy with some turnip greens and avocado peels.

Once this bin is full of worm castings and ready for harvest, we’ll start filling the top bin with scraps/bedding and let the worms migrate on up through those holes on the bottom.  After a few weeks, once all the worms are in the top bin, we’ll harvest the worm castings from the middle bin and use it in our garden.  Then, we’ll switch the top and the middle bins and the process begins all over again!

I found this website particularly helpful in getting started.  There’s a lot of info there.  We’ll keep you posted on how our worms are doing!



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6 responses to “Vermicomposting a.k.a. Worm Composting

  1. greg

    those worms be grubbin!

  2. Nice little system. I was considering setting up something similar last year, but then our county started a food recycling program. Between that and the recycling bin, it’s amazing how little goes in the actual trash can.

  3. Katy

    I had worms in Davis for a while (alas the hot weather is not super for worms) and loved them! My worm bin is now sitting in the backyard unused but I’m really excited to hear that there is a local worm business. I’ll have to make an order soon. This is a great website to chronicle your journey towards more self-sufficiency and dog-time!

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