Making Tartine Bread

We love going to Tartine whenever we’re in San Francisco. We’ve had the Tartine cookbook for a few years now and have made some amazing desserts from it.  We just added to our Tartine obsession by getting the Tartine Bread cookbook this past Christmas. 


We’ve made some of the recipes from the back of the book using store bought bread, but hadn’t yet ventured into breadmaking itself.  Now this isn’t just your regular old “mix your ingredients, let it rise for a bit, punch it down and bake it” kind of bread.  This is your “make leavening/starter from scratch, feed it and tend to it for several days before even thinking about making the dough” kind of bread. I mean, the recipe itself is about 25 pages plus another 20 or so describing the process in even more depth.  We’d bought the flour several weeks ago, but was feeling a bit intimidated by the prospect of starting the recipe.  But wait no longer, here we go…

Flour Mixture (5 pounds of it!!!)

Eunice mixing the flour and water

The leavening

So now we wait for 2-3 days before even touching it again.  The book says that apparently the bacteria/yeast from the air and the baker’s hands are what become active in this culture.  Kind of cool and kind of gross.  An update to come in a few days!



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4 responses to “Making Tartine Bread

  1. Nichol

    And what do tons of Golden hairs do to it?

  2. jallands

    tartinnnnne!!!!!! i look forward to more recipes from them, featured on here! they will be one of the places i visit next time i’m in the bay area!!

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