Full Belly Farm CSA

Every week for the past 4 years, we’ve faithfully subscribed to a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) box from Full Belly Farm.  In case you’re wondering what a CSA is, it’s basically a box of the best produce of the moment that the farm puts together for you and you pick it up from a close-by drop off spot.  It’s like getting a present each week. 

Back to Full Belly Farm…this farm is AMAZING!  They are a hippie dream come true.  Like, these two in the video below might actually approve of this farm…

In all seriousness though, without being as annoying as these two, this farm stands for all those good things.  The produce is organic, seasonal and local.  Their workers are well-compensated, given health care and regular meals at the farm.  And they have no secrets…you can tour the whole farm and ask the owners any questions you want.  Here are some photos and videos from their awesome annual Hoes Down Celebration.

Greg and his niece enjoying the sights at Full Belly

(Fast forward to 0:24 if you want to see some awesome dancing.)

Anyway, we pick up our produce on Wednesdays and we’d love to share with you this week’s bounty!

For this week, we have navel oranges, red russian kale, celeraic, walnuts, butternut squash, young onions and cabbage.  We’re thinking about making a celery root and citrus salad and a squash/mushroom/gruyere tart.  Any other ideas for this box???



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2 responses to “Full Belly Farm CSA

  1. danica

    yum! we will be getting our first box on Friday… I still miss Full Belly

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