Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have taken up quilting.  This is Eunice writing, of course.  Now, you may wonder what possesses someone in their 20s to resort to an activity embraced mostly by ladies in their 70s.  But, as I stumbled across some quilting blogs (like this one and this one and even this one), I couldn’t help but be inspired.

I once made a quilt a long time ago, but really this should be considered my first quilt.  I had bought some Heather Ross Mendocino fabric a few years ago without knowing what to do with it.  This seemed like the perfect way to use it.  This is a very simple quilt using this nine-patch pattern.  I tried my hand at machine stippling and despite some errors, I’m really pleased with how it turned out.











Also, here’s a preview of what’s to come…

Finally, here are some gratuitous dog pics.  Dwight’s not super-excited, he’s just yawning.


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  1. Beautiful! Welcome to the “quilt lady” club!

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