Purisma Creek Gulch


During our visit to the Bay Area this past weekend, I got to head out with my friend Matt R. and do some exploring.  We have climbed Mt Whitney and Mt Shasta together, and try to get out and hit the trails as much as possible whenever our paths cross.  We set out to explore Purisma Creek Gulch, a densely packed canyon known for its coastal Redwoods and with a rich history as a logging area.  Matt had recently checked out a book from the library that had noted the various spots where the old lumber mills had been located, and we were hoping to get off trail and find some of “California’s Gold.” (Huell Howser reference, if you don’t know then you are missing out; http://www.calgold.com/)  The Bay Area Open Space preserve website is awesome, and provides free access to some amazing topo maps if there is anyone out there doing some hiking, mountain biking, etc in the area (http://www.openspace.org/, use the “preserve finder” for access to the maps).

We packed up with cameras, food, and I brought along my bonsai knife, saw, and pot in the off chance I found a little tree that wanted to escape the forest for the cool calm living of a Sacramento backyard.  It ended up being a great hike, we didn’t find any old lumber mills (all remnants have likely been destroyed).  But we did find some of the cable used to haul the massive trees out of the forest and alot of evidence of logging on old trunks.  I didn’t make out with any bonsai, but did find some amazing inspiration in some of the massive Redwoods and oaks.  We did 9 miles total, and having been consumed by work over the past several months and neglecting physical exercise, my legs were killing me.  It was a blast and I can’t wait for our next adventure.



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