Blank Walls

It’s incredible how time flies.  It’s been almost a year since we moved to our new place and while, for the most part, it feels well settled in to, there are still some blank walls that we have yet to fill up.  To remedy this, we’re starting to put fabric on canvas stretchers in hopes of filling the entire wall above our new console table.  Here’s attempt number one and simple instructions.

1. Gather your materials:

  • Canvas stretchers (ours were 13″x20″) – these should cost about $8 total depending on the size
  • Fabric of your choice – I had 1/2 yd of some Heather Ross Mendocino fabric lying around
  • Staple Gun

2. Cut your fabric to match the size of your frame.  Leave about 3 inches on each side.  Remember, you can always cut fabric away, but it’s hard to add it back.

3. Start with one of the short sides and staple from the center out, stopping about 1 inch from the corners.

4. Move to the other short side, pull the fabric taut (but not too tight, or else the fabric will warp) and again staple from the center out.

5. Now do the same with each of the long sides.

6. Fold the fabric around the corners so that it looks neat from the front and staple in place.

7. Trim any excess fabric from the back.

8. Hang up and enjoy!

We have a long way to go to fill this up!

Here's a closeup of the owl clock, also waiting to be hung up



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2 responses to “Blank Walls

  1. We’ve just made a quilt for Flora with a Heather Ross fabric from the same line. It’s the coral/light pink one with fish on it.

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