Bonsai Work Station

i have had a number of bonsai for some time, and they have been living in a mud room next to our kitchen.  as i acquired more and got more interested in proper care and techniques, i wanted to move them outside where they belong.  i gathered some inspiration from an old bonsai book my dad had given me, and set about constructing a bonsai/garden mega-work station with no plans other than a few crude photographs of different styles and versions other people had used.

i basically melded multiple plans together from bonsai work stations, work benches, and garden shelves to my current plan of a large work bench made of wooden slats, with a lower shelf for storage, and a movable roof for sun and rain protection.  it was really fun to design and build from scratch, the only monotonous part being the application of wood stain to all the slats.  the roof and raising/lowering mechanism came together well, given i had no idea going into it what i would use for hinges or supports.  the actual roof material is garden sunshade, which will likely need replacing every so often.  i am stoked with my final result, and am really pleased to have a space to work on my bonsai and garden.



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