Momofuku’s Cereal Milk Ice Cream

Getting an ice cream maker attachment for our Kitchen Aid was about the best thing that happened to our kitchen this year.  We’ve made some amazing ice creams, lavender honey being one of our favorites.  When we saw this recipe, we knew we had to make it.

I thought I was weird and alone in liking the milk left at the end of a bowl of cereal, but apparently, I’m in good company…David Chang and the Momofuku Milk Bar crew have isolated this experience and turned it into ice cream.

Here’s the recipe via the blog Cafe Fernando.

First mix the cornflakes with some butter, dry milk powder, salt and sugar.

Then, bake for about 20 minutes.

Then, steep the milk in the cereal.

Make your custard using the cereal milk.

Add cream and refrigerate overnight.

Then use your ice cream maker to make the ice cream.

Place in your freezer for a couple of hours to get the perfect consistency and then enjoy!


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