the garden

started working on the garden while i have a few days of sun on vacation. weeded the area, raked, then did my own half-assed version of a double-dig (more of a single dig with some mixing), then raked again. soon we’ll be ready for planting (hopefully sometime next week when the sun comes out before i have to go back to work)

teaching pickle to weed

weeding done, raking complete


i dug rows like such

and scooped each row's dirt into the preceding row i had just finished

until i was all done, then rake in some compost, and ready to plant

we have already started some seeds in the mud room and have a fig tree and avocado tree ready to go. full list of crops to come. hoping that whole area will look really great come spring/summer. just need to train the neighbor’s cat to not take a poo in the garden.



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2 responses to “the garden

  1. JSK

    are guys the cutest couple in the world?… definitely the couple of month in some hip young eco home mag. do you own this house? am really liking this guy Greg. Eunice, you don’t need to accept any more applicants… you got it! Pickle is adorable with such attention to weeding technique.
    btw, loved the framed wall fabric thingy. xoxo imo

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