it’s a lifestyle

when you roll like us, you drop at least a grand (in veterinarian bills) on weekends when friends come into town

he is fine



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4 responses to “it’s a lifestyle

  1. Katy

    What happened?!

    • Nothing that bad. We think Dwight somehow got into his food and ate himself silly. His belly was distended so we were worried about bloat, but it turned out to just be food bloat. Good for the dog, not so much for the wallet. I guess it could’ve been worse though.

      • Katy

        Oh yikes, that’s not fun! I’m glad he just had a bellyache. Oh, to be a dog owner. (PS don’t tell David; I’m convincing him how easy it will be to have a dog!)

      • I think maybe it’s just us. My parents have had 2 dogs (17 years of dogs total) and have never had to take them to the vet aside from vaccinations. You can tell David about that!

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