Tartine Bread…finally

It took us a while to finally make the bread. We’ve baked twice since we last posted about bread.  The first time we baked, we attempted to rise the dough and bake the bread all in the same day.  That time around, the bread was very tasty with a nice sourdough flavor, but the bread was somewhat dense.  So the second time around, we extended the rising periods over 2 days and we had amazing, crusty, airy sourdough bread.


First, if you are attempting to bake, get yourself a nice little kitchen scale to measure the ingredients

Here, Eunice mixes the leaven (starter plus flour and water left overnight) with some flour and water to make the dough…

Now, the dough begins it’s first rise during which it is given a series of turns or kneads…

After several hours to a day, the dough is then shaped into circular shapes and again rests/rises…

The dough is then folded onto itself and then undergoes its final rise…

Now in the baking step, we experimented with several different methods.  We tried the lid and the bottom of our Le Creuset together which worked really well, but then we got kinda nervous that the knob on the lid might melt in the 500F oven.  So we then combined another cast iron skillet and the bottom of the Le Creuset as in the picture below, but found (no surprise) that this did not provide a good enough seal.  In the end the Le Creuset lid and bottom combo worked the best and there was no knob melting, so this is what we’ll continue to do.

40 minutes later…

Our first kinda sad but still tasty loaf


Our much better looking second loaf

It’s gonna be hard to go back to store bought bread!



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3 responses to “Tartine Bread…finally

  1. Matt

    I can vouch, loaf #2 was epic. Especially after Miracle Berries.

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