trippin’ out

miracle berries

last weekend, my friends matt r and eric visited sacramento.  it was beer week, and needless to say, we had a great time.  one thing we got to do was a little flavor tripping or eat miracle berries.  never heard of them?  miracle berries are a fruit grown in tropical regions, it is small (like an acai berry) and does not taste very good.  i had heard a long time ago about the abilities of this berry to alter your perception of taste and had been eager to try.  i ordered the berries from an online vendor (there are many) and they were surprisingly expensive.  they arrived in a saran wrapped baggie wrapped in a paper towel wrapped in bubble wrap, i couldn’t help but feel like i had just smuggled something illegal across the borders.  the process begins with chewing on the berries and mashing the pulp around your mouth for 1 minute, you can use one to several berries.  the effects are immediate.

the powers of the berry lie in turning acidic items sweet.  for our tasting experiment, we tried lemons, meyer lemons, grape fruit, blood oranges, ketchup, cholula, tomatoes, tomato paste, pickles, goat cheese, olives, hot sauce, kiwis, strawberries, guinness, sierra nevada, and a few others.  the strawberries tasted like they were coated in sugar, the lemon was so sweet we ate entire slices on their own.  it was all pretty amazing and i highly recommend trying it yourself.  it was a really fun experience, and it all devolved fairly quickly into a flavor tripping party massacre, with us diving head first into lemon slices, pouring hot sauce directly into our mouths, mixing guinness with lemons, and destroying the kitchen in the process.  afterward, the taste lingered for some and others crashed hard.  now everything is bland, and i yearn for the sweet.  still having some shakes and occasional hallucinations, but ice cream seems to contain them.  my next shipment should be arriving from the jungles of columbia anytime now.

gotta set up the perfect tripping environment

the carnage



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4 responses to “trippin’ out

  1. Matt

    I liked eating/drinking everything on that counter in arguably unhealthy proportions.

  2. Anna Younghans

    This is awesome! Tim and I have to try this now! Thanks for your great blog posts.

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