when medical knowledge comes in handy

note the R arm IV site from last week's mishap

if your dog ever happens to gash his chest open and have an open wound with exposed muscle, the key to saving money (ie preventing loss of another 1K that you just spent at the Vet ER last week) is to assess him for complications (flail chest, pneumo, infection, bleeding), dress the wound, and put him in a t-shirt to prevent him from licking.  then, call your regular vet and schedule an appointment for the following morning for stitches and antibiotics……….  our dogs are a mess.

eunice assesses dwight for pneumothorax



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6 responses to “when medical knowledge comes in handy

  1. Your dogs are crazy! How’d Dwight do that? Hope he is okay!

  2. Katy

    uhhhhh, what is going on over there?!

  3. Alice

    are they doing better??

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