golden bear brewery

the deluxe brew kit, dog bowl not included

with the ultimate goal of moving off the grid deep into the canadian tundra (eunice doesn’t know this yet), i’ve expanded my ability to be self sufficient and recently took up home brewing. i purchased a home brew kit, a brew book, and a wheat beer extract kit and went to work. i’ll skip the instructions on how to actually brew, as those can be found elsewhere and are likely better written as well, and move straight to the adventure of brewing one’s own beer for the first time.

american wheat beer extract kit

it starts with some serious cleaning, as you are basically creating a huge petri dish that you want only yeast to grow in, otherwise, you’ll get some funky brew. next, you create wort by boiling water with your malt extract. i used a malt extract syrup, but when you’re an expert you start straight with the grain. then add hops and boil for an hour. there are a multitude of different steps that can be added here including adding different stages and kinds of bittering and flavoring hops, spices, etc.

my very first wort!

cooling the wort

cool the wort quickly, add it to your fermenter (in my case, a glass carboy) and add your yeast. you then cap the fermenter with an airlock and let it sit in a quiet, dark corner. in about 12 hours, the magic begins, and the yeast begins to consume the sugar in the malt extract creating carbon dioxide and fermenting the sugars into alcohol. watching fermentation is my new favorite hobby, the brew foams and bubbles away like a living creature. its essentially our newest pet, aside from our hundreds of red worms and bread starter. that’s where i am right now in the process. the next steps can vary depending on what brew you want, flavors, secondary fermentation, etc. i am thinking about pasteurizing some honey then adding that after a few days of primary fermentation for added alcohol and flavor. i have a second glass carboy for a secondary fermenter, however, this is not necessary when brewing ales (but creates a cleaner brew). i may just stick to a primary fermentation for around 2 weeks this time around, as i am a home brew newbie.

adding the yeast, hotpants optional

ready for fermentation

after a few hours of fermentation the foam and bubbles build

after the fermentation, you bottle the beers with a conditioning sugar, then let sit for a conditioning period around 2 weeks to develop carbonation. so now i just need to drink 48 beers in a few weeks to have enough bottles when i get to this step. the alternative, which i hope to pursue soon enough, is to purchase a 5 gallon keg, and just skip the whole bottling all together. i, however, am not quite there yet. if there are any home brewmasters out there, feel free to give me some tips, recipes, or advice.

the geek in me loves brewing already


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