Calendula Flowers

This week in our CSA box, we received some of our favorites.  Kale, broccoli, beets, oranges.  We also received something we’d never gotten before…calendula flowers.  These are edible flowers that apparently have some medicinal value.  They are used by some for irritated skin or other types of inflammation.  Regardless of whether or not this is true, they taste great (mildly peppery and a bit floral) and make any salad look so much better.  We may just have to plant them in our own garden!



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3 responses to “Calendula Flowers

  1. Regina

    Ok, can I be a fb stalker and tell you that i love your blog?! you two basically do everything that my bf and i always talk about doing but never do because we are busy watching Deadwood/Food Network. Also, I think your gf is my high school friend’s cousin?!

  2. hey regina! yea, we’re awesome. yea eunice is shane’s cousin. random. feel free to continue living vicariously through us

  3. I’ve never received edible flowers in my CSA but how great is that! Your salad looks awesome.

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