spring has sprung

finally being reminded why we love sacramento and northern california so much. the change in seasons here is just perfect. we have cold winters (but no snow) with lots of rain, especially this year! and just when i am getting sick of the cold dreary weather, the heat returns. today was definitely the first day of spring here in sacramento, 80’s all day long. too bad i just came off a 30hr shift and spent most of it in bed. i salvaged what i could with a run, cold beer, and some gardening. here are a few shots reminding me that the next few months are going to be ever so pleasant.

our fig tree coming to life

anyone know what to do with rose hips?

first of the tulips

keeping my bonsai's moss alive this summer is going to be an endeavor

thought my male and female mini persimmon bonsais were dead, they're not!

UPDATE: my beer is one week into primary fermentation, 5 days after the fermentation started, i pasteurized and added 1.5lbs of local orange-blossom honey to the carboy. the fermentation kicked up hardcore immediately after as the yeast went to town on the sugars. it is still going strong. i have decided i am going to forego racking to secondary fermentation this time around, and instead extend my primary fermentation to 3 to 4 weeks. i’ll keep you posted, but the house currently smells like a brewery and there is nothing wrong with that.



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