buffalo burgers

i have 1.5 days off this weekend, and having just finished a month of q4 call, it is feeling a bit like a 3 month vacation.  the warm weather is only making things better.  got off work as soon as i could and set to work with some beer and bbq’ing (what else am i supposed to when it’s 80 degrees for the first time in 6 months?).  i ended up making some bison burgers from an old go-to recipe i have been using for several years.  it is a spicy burger recipe and generally involves stuffing the patties with brie (throwing some bacon on the top is mind-blowing), but seeing as how we are slightly healthy as of late, we opted for the no cheese version (sinners!!).

first, you dice up some garlic, hot pepper ( i usually use a habanero), and scallions, add some cayenne and olive oil.  mash this up with a fork, and then combine half or so with your ground meat.  in our case, ground bison.  i don’t think i will ever go back to beef.  here’s where i usually create 2 patties, stuff with brie and the fore-mentioned mixture and head to the grill.  tonight, i just mixed in some of the spiciness with the ground buffalo and went to the bbq.

buns were a little large

pretty pleased with the result, but can’t deny that brie and bacon wouldn’t have knocked these up several notches.  oh well, delicious none the less.  as i have slept only a few hours in the past 48, i am ready for bed at 8:30pm (the 3 beers has nothing to do with it).

pickle the dog assesses the situation



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2 responses to “buffalo burgers

  1. Christy

    Drool. That pic of the coals is cool!

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