a most amazing day off

the sure sign of an amazing day

when you work 80 hours per week, with one day off in seven, that day off can seem like an entire summer vacation packed into a puny 24 hrs. there is also a vast amount pressure in filling that day with every possible activity you have been craving while slaving away in the hospital. today may have been the perfect day off.

home-made chai

it all started with a cup of home-made chai tea.

the local farmers' market

looks yummy

then to the farmers’ market. with spring springing, the market is really picking up. our bounty ended up being 90% protein. the seafood stand at our market is amazing, and the key is an early arrival to secure the most delicious bits. today our haul included calamari, scallops, ahi, pork shoulder, tulips, habanero plants, duck eggs, and hog ears for the dogs.

today's haul

dwight ate his in less than 1 minute

next, we made a stop at Temple Cafe for a cup of coffee, makes me cry thinking of the stuff i drink every morning at the hospital cafeteria.

morning coffee is glorious

at home, we made quick work on the garden. finishing our planting for the season. we put in our tomatillos, heirloom tomatoes, amaranth, flowers, leeks, eggplants, brussel sprouts, sesame leaves, habaneros, bolivian rainbow peppers, and edemame. looking forward to see how this years’ crop turns out.

it's growing

these peppers will be spicy

then i took advantage of the nice but relatively mild weather and went for a 5.5 mile run. a lunch of frito misto was next, composed of some of the calamari and scallops from earlier. this was followed by a visit to the local dog park (dwight only snapped at a few dogs). and then to a local bonsai show where i came home with a new pot and lilac bonsai i most definitely did not need.


frito misto

local dog park

one day i'll have a tree like this

this azalea has to be 100 years old

finally, after a quick workout number 2 for the day. we cooked up an amazing dinner out of our tartine bread cookbook. we used left-over sourdough bread we had baked to make croutons, made tuna confit with the ahi from the market, and prepared our own harissa and chermoula. then we assembled a soup with veggie broth over croutons and tuna confit, topped with the harissa and chermoula, with a fried duck egg on top. soooooo delicious. had some kirin and IPA in there as well. needless to say, i am exhausted now, and full. with two tired dogs as well. wish i could replicate this day, but i doubt i ever will.


the deliciousness of this cannot be transported through film



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3 responses to “a most amazing day off

  1. Matt

    I didn’t see any dessert. Good Day Fail.

  2. wish we lived closer and you could’ve made 3 bowls, one for me!!! sounds absolutely amazing.

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