Puerco en Naranja and Rajas de Chiles Poblano Tacos

Continuing with our recent Mexican food kick, we recently borrowed The Essential Cuisines of Mexico by Diana Kennedy from the library and have salivated over the 300+ recipes in the book.  We liked the cookbook so much that we actually ordered our own copy from Amazon today.  Our hope is to one day cook through the entire book and share our experiences here while we’re doing it. We started off by making the Puerco en Naranja (Pork in Orange Sauce) using the pork shoulder that we got from the Farmer’s Market last week and the Rajas de Chile Poblano (strips of poblano chiles).  We combined these 2 items with cilantro from Full Belly, tomatoes and Cotija cheese in a Mi Abuelita Bonita Corn Tortilla (if you haven’t had these, you definitely need to find them…sorry, but I think they’re only in Nor Cal) to make tacos.   The reason we chose this pork recipe is because we have started quite the orange collection from our recent CSA boxes as you can see below. 

For the sake of copyright laws, I won’t post the exact recipe, but I can give a rundown of the basics.  First, we marinated the pork with some garlic, oregano, peppercorns, salt and orange juice for about an hour.

We then added some more orange juice and orange peels and cooked it in the oven at 350F for 2 hours until the meat was very tender and easy to shred.

We then took the juices from the pan above and combined those with juice from another orange and reduced it down in a pan to make a sauce (I’d include that picture, but pics of brownish sauces just don’t look that good).

To make the Rajas, we blackened some poblanos, stuck them in a paper bag to steam then rubbed the skin off.  We then carmelized them with some onions…super simple!

This was such a delicious meal.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing more from this cookbook here in the future!


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