this mac n cheese will blow your mind….. just don’t forget the cheese

i want this now!

mac n cheese is delicious.  i started with the microwaveable easy mac, evolved to the box, and have since graduated to making a number of different “gourmet” mac n cheeses.  this particular version is my favorite.  it is the perfect gluttonous combination of spice and cheese.

crema begins

you start by making a green chile crema by roasting green chiles and combining with cream and some other delicious ingredients.  the crema is eventually combined with cooked pasta and the cheeses (gouda and cheddar here) and then baked in the oven.  this particular version was placed first in the oven without any cheese added.  i was that excited and rushed to get this in my belly.  no worries, cheese was added and recipe salvaged.  this mac n cheese has blown minds and more than a few people have had emotional breaks after eating, so use with caution.  head on over to the luna cafe blog for the full recipe, and in fact, just check out their whole mac n cheese expose if you can handle it.

decipher the code to uncover the deliciousness



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