My Completely Improvised Quilt Back

I’m so surprised at how quickly this quilt back came together, especially since I made the pattern myself!  For the quilt back, I wanted to do something different than what the pattern in the book suggested.  I had some of the Metro Living Lantern fabric pictured above and I knew I wanted to incorporate this, but I also wanted to tie in some of the fabrics from the front (mostly so I could use up my leftover scraps).

To create this quilt back, here’s what I did. I took 2 yds of the Metro Living Lantern, and cut it in half. I had about 3/4 yd of the Quilter’s Linen left over, so I cut that in half and sewed it to each of the halves of the Lantern fabric.  I then cut 1 1/2 inch strips from the Kona Aqua, sewed them end to end to create a long enough strip to span the width of the quilt back and sewed that to the Quilter’s Linen.  Now I was left with 2 large pieces of fabric (seen at the top and bottom of the quilt back).  I placed my completed quilt top on the ground and then I placed these pieces I just created over the top and bottom of the quilt top with about an inch overhanging on all sides.  Now I could see how much space was in the middle that I needed to fill with other fabric.  Turns out I needed a strip about 12 inches long to fill the gap.

From the leftover printed fabric that I had from the front (Alexander Henry’s Natura Collection), I cut 6 pieces that measured 6.5″ x 12.5″.  I also cut 1.5″x 12.5″ strips from the Kona Aqua as sashing between the printed fabric.  I sewed these together as shown below.  I then figured out how much more fabric I needed to fill the edges with the Quilter’s Linen and sewed these on to the ends.  I then sewed this middle strip to the top and bottom pieces.  Now onto the quilting and the binding!


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  1. you’ve got a reversible quilt now. I almost like the back better… more zen if you will. great job!

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