dwight gets the party started

many exciting and delicious things have happened since our last post.  so i figured i would put together a sort of mega-post with no real theme, other than pure awesomeness.

the assembly line

finally got to bottling my first homebrew.  i let it sit in primary fermentation for about 3.5 weeks in hopes that it would clear and develop more complex flavors.  the process was relatively easy, the most painful part being the scrubbing and sanitizing of 50 bottles (thank god our dishwasher has an anti-bacterial mode). that being said, i will be investing in a kegging system very soon.

sooo many bottles

i soaked the bottles overnight, the following morning i spent way too much time scrubbing off way too many labels. then into the dishwasher they went on the “sanitize” cycle.

my own personal autoclave

the bottling went smoothly overall. using a handy auto-siphon, i transferred the brew to a bottling bucket. to bottle, i used a racking cane to add beer to each bottle; it functions by pushing down on the cane to generate flow, when you release, it stops. very useful. after filling the bottles, i added a carbonation drop (basically an unflavored sugar drop) for the yeast to chow on and create CO2. then eunice moved in and capped the bottles. they need to condition for several weeks and then i will get to see how the entire process fared. i plan on trying a bottle at 7 days, 14 days, 21 days and 6 months to really see how they age and the carbonation develops.

the first batch from the golden brewery

brewery workers hard at work cleaning up a spill

given that the bottling day was a day off from work, i had plenty of time to bbq some pork spare ribs. i used a marinade, recipe, and technique i have never used before, and i couldn’t have been happier with the results.

pork spare ribs

marinated the ribs in a fig marmelade and ginger mix (thinking about adding habenero next time), then to the oven at 350 for 2.5 hrs and finished on the grill. these had a sugary sweet crispy skin that was AMAZING!!!!!!!

after 2.5 hours in the oven

the finished product

we have been on a bit of a cocktail kick as well. here are a 2 drinks we have been enjoying post-work the past several weeks.

makers mark, droooool

greg’s old fashioned:
2 oz whiskey
1 sugar cube
dash of bitters enough to dissolve the sugar
orange peel

dry fly gin is soooo good

eunice’s modified greyhound:
2 oz gin
0.5 oz elderflower syrup
0.5 oz grapefruit juice
dash of bitters
grapefruit peel

of the many reasons we REALLY don’t want to have to move in the coming months is our fantastically fabulous neighbors. the other evening (one where we were exhausted and in no mood to be preparing a meal) they came by and asked if we would like a bit of their dinner extras. expecting a paper-plate of fish, they arrived an hour later with an easter platter of fried shrimp and catfish, card and all! it was delicious and we couldn’t be luckier.

easter platter

in between all the working, brewing, and cooking, i have been able to get plenty of runs in and jaunts with the dogs in the marsh. the record rains have opened the sacramento levees for longer times than ever, and our beloved yolo wetlands have been under more water than ever. took the pooches out for a run, and while they fell in love with the mud and all the beached carp to roll in, i spent a few hours sinking to the shins in boot-sucking mud. good times none the less.

pickle gets the spa treatment



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3 responses to “rambling

  1. then, Pickle came inside and took a nap on your white sofa right after the mud treatment… nice end of the story. Ipo would love to meet infamous Pickle!

  2. Alcoholics! Save some beer for me!

  3. regina

    So lucky! My neighbor only interacts with me to tell me that the front of our building smells like dog poo (even though my dogs never go #2 near our building).

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