85 degrees and sunny

summertime...... its coming

the sacramento heat is finally starting to seep in. the warm evenings are just starting to materialize, an aspect of sacramento and the central valley that i adore. we have started to take advantage of it quite a bit, with reggae and grilling many nights per week despite working late (gotta love the late sunlight this time of year).

dwight competes for cutest dog in the world award......and wins!!!

one of the recent spur of the moment menus was a herb and cornmeal crusted pork loin off of saveur and a batch of spicy bacon black eyed peas from the awesome blog, homesick texan (the peas being from our full belly farm box). i even had double the peas, as a good friend of mind hates peas and donated hers to my endeavors. she is officially crazy, but ill take it.

swine is truly a magical animal

the garden has been going strong with the heat as well. requiring a bit more maintenance as it lies beyond the reach of the hose. i feel when the heat really kicks in i will need to be very diligent with the watering. unfortunately, some pests have been infiltrating our front lines, including wayward neighborhood cats, aphids, and slugs. i just put down an organic anti-slug pellet and i am hoping this does the trick. the roses out front got hit with a particularly toxic anti-aphid spray i have, but i am trying to keep the chemicals off the veggie garden. first mini harvest has even arrived, with a few sugar snap peas being ripe for the picking this week. they were amazing and hopefully foreshadowing a great season this year.

first of the garden bounty in 2011


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