Our Crazy Garden

Don’t worry, we’re still alive and we have plenty of posts coming soon.  We’ve been quite busy the last few weeks with finishing our intern year (my schedule this past month basically was wake at 5, go to work, home around 7, eat dinner, go to sleep, repeat) and finding a new place to live.  Yes, that’s right, we’re moving, and it’s been bittersweet.  Unfortunately, our landlords are in the process of foreclosing the house we’re living in and this means that much of our garden stays here.  The house we will be moving to is an amazing house in the “Fab 40’s” and is definitely a step up for us, so we’re excited about that part.  However, we only have a few more days to enjoy this garden.  Our current neighbors have decided that they will tend to the garden once we move, harvest our veggies and leave some of the harvest on their porch for us to take so we’re grateful for them.  Here is a short update on what our garden has been doing.

Our eggplants have started to bloom.

We’ve got fruit on our fig trees!  Luckily we kept this tree in a pot, so we’re taking this with us.

The tomato plants are going crazy.

The edamame is thriving.

I apologize for the bad photo, but it was bright outside.  I think you can still get the idea of what the sunflowers have been doing.

We had our first dahlia bloom.

The lavender blooms have opened.

Even if we don’t end up getting to watch what the garden does for the rest of this season, we learned a lot from it this year and we’ll have an even better one next year!


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  1. Beautiful! Good work on Good Earth… I love that Greg has included Eunice in his facebook profile photo… seems like a significant move, a move that I love. best love to both

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