Drop Spinning

Bosworth on the left and Spindlewood on the right

Over the last year or so, my knitting obsession turned into a fiber obsession.  I kept reading about these people that would spin their own very beautiful yarn, and I became super intrigued.  So, I went out, bought myself a drop spindle and some cheap wool and spun some crazy looking brown yarn and I was hooked.  That first spindle unfortunately became an unintentional dog’s chew toy, but since then, I’ve purchased a 36 gm (1.28oz) Bosworth Midi made of Bloodwood and a 22 gm (3/4 oz) Spindlewood Square spindle made of Figured Myrtle that I love using and have refined my skills a bit.  Here’s a sampling of the yarn that I’ve spun so far.  I would LOVE to own a spinning wheel some day (yes, I just turned 29, not 65). If you’re thinking about spinning yarn on a drop spindle, there are a lot of online resources.  If you’re close to the Bay Area, A Verb for Keeping Warm is an amazing resource for supplies and classes.  If you’re in the Sac Area, Rumpelstiltskin has some spinning classes and supplies too.  Right now, I’ve got some lovely A Verb for Keeping Warm Alpaca/Silk blend on the spindle. Stay tuned for a post about what I’ve done with all this yarn!



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6 responses to “Drop Spinning

  1. Ok, that is really amazing. One more thing I want to learn to do.

  2. Alice

    You’re amazing sis!

  3. sure you want to be a doc? seems you are ripe for next Korean martha stewart !!! simply amazing domestic talents : )

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