off the beaten path

desolation wilderness from highway 88

taking the dogs off-trail into the sierra nevada backcountry is one of my favorite activities (and theirs); so i try to squeeze it in whenever i can.  i recently became more interested in exploring the mokelumne wilderness, an often over-looked wilderness area.  this is a shame as it has a great variety of terrains and habitats, and is a relatively quick and easy drive from sacramento. i purchased a mokelumne map from REI and am now trying to get myself into all the areas of the park; for exploration, fishing, climbing, anything.

about as stoked as dwight will ever get

i took the dogs on a several mile loop off-trail to several lakes near 8000 ft elevation, a few were rumored to hold golden trout.  this may be true, but i did not witness much trout activity this afternoon.  that being said, it was the middle of the day, and its an area i’d like to return to for an evening or a multi-day trip.

the wild flowers were amazing, maybe slightly slowing from when i was in the area 2 weeks ago, but still great.  i recently purchased “sierra nevada: a natural history” and was eager to identify anything that happened to catch my eye.  several flowers and fungi were pretty curious, and i found myself trying to identify all the various conifers which is turning out to be more difficult than i had imagined.

red-belted conk, it was huge!

leopard or alpine lily

unidentified flower and pickle paw

wandering daisy

dwight and pickle had a blast.  dwight is “dwight on PCP” when we are in the woods, and he went 110% for 5 straight hours per his usual routine.  pickle did well, only one dificult section in the hike with a several foot drop that i had to chimney down that required me to catch and lower him.  made it home by 9 pm and just in time for a rye whiskey old fashioned.  and i have tomorrow off!

dwight high on life

pickle struggling to climb onto a log

here are a few pics of recent meals, an almond sole dish with a heirloom tomato salad with goat cheese pesto and blackberry vinagrette.  also, a pic of my pitcher plant i recently purchased.  contemplating making a bog of carnivorous plants, we have too many flies.

heirlooms from the CSA

this was delicious

already caught a few flies



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2 responses to “off the beaten path

  1. Ja soon kim

    Fab post!!!!!

  2. iowadogblog

    Beautiful shots! And your dogs look so happy–isn’t it inspiring to watch them frolic in the wilderness?

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