autumn has arrived

despite an amazingly warm and summer-like weekend, it definitely feels as if Autumn has finally arrived.

eunice and i have had various projects keeping us busy lately (other than work).  one of which has been trying to utilize the many habaneros coming off of our plants.  in celebration of the california legislature recently repealing the law against infusing hard alcohols, i have made a habanero-infused tequila.  i took a patron silver and dropped in 3 habaneros.  the peppers had their tops chopped and the seeds and ribs removed.  the orange fruit sat in the tequila for a week and by then had lost their color.  i tried a shot yesterday and the habanero taste really comes through and the heat is just perfect (it burns everywhere).  other than that we have made and canned a habanero-heirloom tomato jam, and am planning on pickling and canning the rest whole.

the green habaneros pack huge flavor and less heat

these are the hot ones


habanero and heirloom tomato jam

our first attempt at canning

in our other local food exploits, i caught my first king salmon on the lower american river. the run has been great this year, and unfortunately due to work i didn’t make it out until this past weekend.  our boat caught a huge bright hen with amazing copper-colored fillets.  the other fish were jacks, smaller and looked to have been in the system for a bit.  those are going to the smoker.

lower american king salmon

have gotten a few days outdoors as well.  up to tahoe and onto mt tallac, a great hike that i can’t recommend highly enough.  and eunice and i completed our first century ride the other day.  we did foxy’s fall, a 100 mile bike ride around davis/napa/sacramento.  it was leg burning but great.  despite the pain, being on the bike this fall has been great.  even got a few races in on the sacramento cyclocross circuit.

mt tallac summit

i made a friend and got the plague

a really rewarding hike

looking forward to the rest of fall and some weather, pickle has already got his rain boots on.

pickle is ready for mud


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