We have been in a canning kind of mood lately.  In the photo above, you can see our Habanero-Fig-Apricot Jelly and Pear Vanilla Jam in the foreground and Pickled Habaneros in the background.  Despite my life being nearly completely overtaken by working nights on the pediatric wards, I managed to make some time to preserve some quinces that we bought from the farmer’s market.We also bought a new canning setup and the pot is large and in charge…

I think it’ll come in handy when Greg brews beers.

Quince is a fruit that reminds me of a floral version of an apple or pear.  The only thing is that it’s so sour and astringent when raw, you have to cook it before it’s edible.  The flesh is white when raw and turns into a beautiful deep orangey pink when cooked.  Below, you can see how fuzzy the skin is.

I realized that I can use this batch of fruit to make both quince jelly and quince paste. I started by chopping and heating up the fruit.

I then mashed the fruit and drained the pulp of all its juices.

The juices were used for the jelly, and the remaining pulp was ground up, reheated and used for the quince paste.

Once heated up, I put the quince paste in a baking sheet and let it dry in the oven.

The quince paste goes perfectly with a mixture of sheep cheeses.

Here are the recipes I used…

Quince Jelly

Simply Recipes’ Quince Jelly

Chocolate and Zucchini’s Quince Jelly

Quince Paste

Simply Recipes’ Quince Paste

Cannelle et Vanille’s Quince Paste



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2 responses to “Quinces

  1. Katy

    I love quinces so much that I named our latest kitten Quince! (but we call her Applesauce, go figure) The quince jelly looks especially beautiful.

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