We’re on our vacation now, and it’s been glorious. The dogs especially are happy to have us around and we’ve been on quite a few adventures already. We’ve been to the Vic Fazio Wetlands between Sac and Davis a few times this week. These first 3 photos are from there.



We also took them out by Cache Creek for a short hike to a small pond call Frog Pond. It was a very pleasant hike and the dogs ran around like crazy!

We saw some snake skin and some pretty moss on trees.

Dwight had made himself so tired, that he was having a hard time catching his breath. He was breathing so hard with his tongue hanging out so far that you could’ve literally intubated him without a laryngoscope. It was probably the best look at vocal cords that I’ve ever gotten…I wish my patients were like that.

Anyway, he required some of our water and some time sitting down like this…

and then he was ready to move on. Pickle enjoyed a little rest as well.

There were lots of manzanitas on the hike.

And, at the end, the dogs got to take a little dip while we enjoyed our lunch.

We’ve been doing a lot this vacation, so look forward to hearing about our garden, art/crafts we’ve been working on, brewing, canning and even homemade kombucha.


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