a good time

the past 2 weeks of vacation have been pleasant.  eunice and i had the opportunity to take the dogs to big basin state park, visit my friend matt in santa cruz (who has an incredible backyard with garden, pond, swing, and sauna!), and even get fancy with a night in SF with dinner at benu.

much has been accoplished, including much needed respite from the hospital.  regardless, i think we both feel another 2 weeks is warranted.  i almost completed all the tasks on my list: trim bonsai, put in a raised bed, plant seedlings, work on ottoman, explore with the dogs, brew beer, ferment kombucha, a wilco concert, repair bathroom plants, purchase a new succulent.  last but not least on the list was a trip to the snow to try out my our snow shoes.  hesitant to the possibility that there was no snow, we headed to hope valley a few days back and had an incredible day.  got to shoot some video on eunice’s canon 60D and make my first attempt with imovie.  below is the video and i am pleased with result.  hopefully more videos in the future.  as you can see, the dogs had a blast.  and a recent purchase, mushers secret (made from 100% natural waxes!!!!!!!), was a great success at preventing frozen paws.

now looking forward to getting back into the swing of things at work and trying to integrate our homesteading lifestyle into a busy residency.  more to come for sure as winter turns to spring over the next several months.

(may i suggest full screen and volume up)



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3 responses to “a good time

  1. Katy

    I just had my first experience with Mushers Secret yesterday- seemed to work well for the dog I was hiking with and it smells good! We hiked up to the top of Lover’s Leap. I enjoyed your recent marmalade post too- have you sampled the results yet?

    • I was eyeing the Leap on our drive. Maybe we can plan a climbing trip once it warms up. The marmalade was delish…we ate it on some butternut squash pancakes that Greg made!

      • Katy

        What?! Butternut squash pancakes? We’ve made some awesome preserved lemons recently- about as easy a kitchen project as you can find.
        There is quite a bit of snow at the Leap; I’ll post a picture or two on FB.

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