Garden. Version 2012.

Last year, we were so sad when we had to move right in the middle of prime gardening season.  This year, we’re excited at the prospects of staying in one place long enough to actually enjoy the tomatoes we grow.  A couple of weeks ago, we did a lot of work to prep the garden.  Here are some photos from then.

We wanted a dog-safe place to do most of our growing, and we found the perfect place on the side of the house.  This little lot used to have several more rosebushes, but I think that a veggie garden will come in more handy.  As you can see, the dogs can still enjoy the garden too, but they won’t be able to dig in it.

Greg built a nice raised bed, we filled it with soil and compost and topped it off with some of the worm castings we harvested.  Now it’s just waiting for our seedlings to get big enough to transplant.

Speaking of seedlings, here’s a picture of our seed starter with all the seeds that we planted.

This next picture is actually a bit outdated now…nearly all of the seedlings have sprouted.  We’re just waiting for the true leaves to come in before we transplant them into little pots and then into the garden.  We also plan to plant other things like beets, arugula, sugar snaps, Napa cabbage (mmm…kimchi) and radish to name a few, but these will go directly into the ground once the weather becomes more consistently warm.

We like to pick a few oddball things to grow each year, and this year, we picked horseradish.  We bought a root, and they say that you simply lay it horizontally and cover it up with soil and it should start to throw up greens.

Our asparagus that we bought last year are doing well and they are all growing asparagus again.  We bought a few more root crowns to add to the collection.  The asparagus from last year may or may not be ready to eat this year.  You’re supposed to let it grow without eating any of it for 1-2 seasons depending on how robust the plant looks.

Below is our container garden, full of herbs, the asparagus and horseradish and our fig tree!  I counted at least 30 tiny figs on it today…I can’t wait!



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