Garden Happenings in the Month of March

I’ve been slaving away in the ICU and haven’t been able to update the blog as much as I would like to.  There’s been a lot of stuff going on in and around the house to share and we’ll be posting about them soon.  For the last month, we’ve been putting  a lot of work into the garden, and we’re excited to see how much growth there’s been in just 1 month’s time.  We’ve been able to plant some plants in the ground and others we’ll be able to transplant this week.  Above is a row of arugula we planted that just sprouted.  This post has many “before and after” photos taken just a few weeks apart.

The photo below is our horseradish plant that, just a month ago, was a small, boring looking tuber and now is starting to flower.

We’ve been able to transplant kale into the ground.

Our tomatoes are growing a ton each day…

and so are the tomatillos.

Our fig tree has plenty of fruit.

The napa cabbage is flourishing.

And, as always, Pickle and Dwight are doing well.

In this photo, Pickle is playing with his new “toothbrush” chew toy.

Soon to come are posts about beer, knitting and stinging nettles.


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