The Garden is Happy Too…Mostly

We’ve had our fair share of garden woes this year.  We planned our raised bed in the perfect location, only to realize that it got full sun only a couple of hours each day.  We’ve had slugs and white flies.  When the weather was unseasonably warm earlier in the year, our fig tree put out a bunch of fruit only to drop them all a few weeks later when the weather turned cold again.  Despite all this, our garden seems to be pushing through.  We’ve planted a bunch of things in containers, we’ve applied some B.thuringiensis to the plants and our fig tree is producing a whole new batch of figs.

Here’s one of the tomatillos around the time we first planted it…

and here it is now.

Our tomato plants are starting produce the first of the tomatoes.  I’m excited to can them and use them through the winter.

Here’s the Napa cabbage last month…

and here they are now.  I see kimchi making in the near future!

Our horseradish plant has gone crazy in the last 2 weeks.  It grew a bunch of leaves and started to flower as well.

Here’s our fig tree.  The big fig is the 1 fig leftover from before the tree dropped its fruit.  All the little ones just popped up this last week.

While the tomatoes in the raised bed aren’t doing as well as the one in the pots, the kale seems to be doing just fine.

The beets are starting grow nicely too.

The sugar snap peas, also in the raised bed, aren’t doing as well as expected, but we started seeing the first of the actual peas this week.

We’re enjoying our lazy, almost summer days…or at least Dwight is.



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2 responses to “The Garden is Happy Too…Mostly

  1. Katy

    I’m amazed at how awesome your seedlings did; mine tanked (not enough light?) so I had to go to the store and buy everything (except basil). I also have white flies but found a baby praying mantis on the squash plant late one night! It did not appreciate my flashlight.

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