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Solar Eclipse Viewing

Snow Plant in the middle of the road

Last weekend, we headed to Tahoe to view the solar eclipse.  We met up with Greg’s family, and since the eclipse lasted only for a couple of hours, we filled the rest of the weekend with hiking and exploring. The dogs got to swim and Greg got to fish.


Pickle, in his usual fashion, got extremely dirty.

Once the eclipse started, everyone got in on the action…




This is my very poor attempt at trying to capture the annular ring of sun around the moon through the welding mask.  Sadly, it just looks like the sun.


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Knitted Slouchy Beanie

I’ve been working on a sweater forever, so I wanted to work on a smaller project that I would have instant gratification with.  Greg’s been wanting a slouchy beanie, and I found this pattern.  It took only 1 day to finish and it looks great!  I used Malabrigo Worsted in Rattan that I bought at Imagiknit in SF (thanks David for the gift certificate).
This is Greg in front of the lilac bonsai.

This is how not to wear it…

And, from our garden, our butterwort (a carnivorous plant) is throwing up a very pretty deep purple flower right now.  I’m excited to see it bloom!

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We love Kombucha, especially G.T. Kombucha’s Trilogy flavor. To our delight, we saw a make-your-own kombucha tea kit at the co-op and we couldn’t resist.  Part of me is a bit grossed out, but if this is successful, that’s a lot of money we’ll save.  The process is pretty straightforward.

The kit comes with instructions, tea, sugar and a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY) sitting in kombucha.

All you do is boil a gallon of water…

steep some tea in it, add a cup of sugar…

pour the tea in a clean non-metal container and let it cool to room temp.

Once the tea is cool enough, you pour the SCOBY along with the kombucha and cover with cheesecloth.

Now, we’ve left it in a warm place and we’ll get to taste it in 7 days.  It’s supposed to get fizzier and tarter as the days go by, and you can let it go for 30 days even.  When the kombucha has developed to your liking, you can add fresh fruit juices to it, sweeten it, water it down or drink it straight. Apparently, the SCOBY is reusable and it’ll grow in size. You just store it with a cup of kombucha in a closed jar until you’re ready to start the process all over again.  If this turns out well, we may have SCOBYs for any of you that are interested!

Pickle and his rabbit toy were a big help in making the Kombucha.

As were Greg and Dwight.


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We’re on our vacation now, and it’s been glorious. The dogs especially are happy to have us around and we’ve been on quite a few adventures already. We’ve been to the Vic Fazio Wetlands between Sac and Davis a few times this week. These first 3 photos are from there.



We also took them out by Cache Creek for a short hike to a small pond call Frog Pond. It was a very pleasant hike and the dogs ran around like crazy!

We saw some snake skin and some pretty moss on trees.

Dwight had made himself so tired, that he was having a hard time catching his breath. He was breathing so hard with his tongue hanging out so far that you could’ve literally intubated him without a laryngoscope. It was probably the best look at vocal cords that I’ve ever gotten…I wish my patients were like that.

Anyway, he required some of our water and some time sitting down like this…

and then he was ready to move on. Pickle enjoyed a little rest as well.

There were lots of manzanitas on the hike.

And, at the end, the dogs got to take a little dip while we enjoyed our lunch.

We’ve been doing a lot this vacation, so look forward to hearing about our garden, art/crafts we’ve been working on, brewing, canning and even homemade kombucha.

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Christmas 2011

Chunky's worst nightmare

We just had a great Christmas, and wanted to share some photos from my NEW Canon 60D!! Both families made it out to Sacramento and there was lots of eating and dogs and gift opening. It was a great Christmas, and we couldn’t have asked for more!


Alice and Pickle fall asleep

One of our many gifts!

I don't think my mom stopped cooking the whole time!

Andrew and me making sourdough bread

The 3 Musketeers ready for a trip to the marsh

Sophia with her cookie

Eunice unwrapping gifts

Max with one of his gifts

Pickle takes it all in

Dwight looking pensive

Greg and his new iPad

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