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Noro Socks #4

I’m obsessed with Noro yarn, and I’m obsessed with knitting striped socks with them.  This is my 4th pair and I’m already looking for my next skein. The yarn is a beautifully dyed self striping yarn. I usually use the Noro Kureyon Sock, but wanted to try the Silk Garden Sock.  The Silk Garden is a bit thicker than the Kureyon, but both are really fun to work with.

I knit these on a long Size 1 circular needle using a toe up, magic loop technique. I like the toe up method because I don’t have to guess how long to make the leg before turning the heel and, in turn, I end up wasting less yarn this way. I have many other knitting projects in progress, but once I start on a pair of these socks, I usually can’t stop until they’re done…it’s that addicting.

The yarn gradually fades from one color to the next, so to get the distinct stripes that you see in these socks, I made 4 equal sized yarn balls (2 for each sock), and alternated the balls of yarn every 4 rows.

Anyway, if you have any questions about how I did this, let me know!



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Knitted Slouchy Beanie

I’ve been working on a sweater forever, so I wanted to work on a smaller project that I would have instant gratification with.  Greg’s been wanting a slouchy beanie, and I found this pattern.  It took only 1 day to finish and it looks great!  I used Malabrigo Worsted in Rattan that I bought at Imagiknit in SF (thanks David for the gift certificate).
This is Greg in front of the lilac bonsai.

This is how not to wear it…

And, from our garden, our butterwort (a carnivorous plant) is throwing up a very pretty deep purple flower right now.  I’m excited to see it bloom!

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New Socks and a Lace Scarf in Progress

I’ve had so much going on that I had neglected knitting for a while.  I’m now back at it and trying to finish up projects that have been hanging out on my needles for way too long.  I had started these socks nearly a year ago for Greg’s birthday last year.  Oops, at least they’re finished in time for his birthday this year.

Notice the dog fur that has already been incorporated into them.  It’s a battle that we’ve given up on.

Here’s the pattern I used.

I’ve now moved on to trying to finish my Seascape scarf/wrap. I’m using Malabrigo Lace Yarn.  It’s amazingly soft and easy to work with.  I’m hoping to have photos of the finished scarf up in the next couple of weeks.



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Drop Spinning

Bosworth on the left and Spindlewood on the right

Over the last year or so, my knitting obsession turned into a fiber obsession.  I kept reading about these people that would spin their own very beautiful yarn, and I became super intrigued.  So, I went out, bought myself a drop spindle and some cheap wool and spun some crazy looking brown yarn and I was hooked.  That first spindle unfortunately became an unintentional dog’s chew toy, but since then, I’ve purchased a 36 gm (1.28oz) Bosworth Midi made of Bloodwood and a 22 gm (3/4 oz) Spindlewood Square spindle made of Figured Myrtle that I love using and have refined my skills a bit.  Here’s a sampling of the yarn that I’ve spun so far.  I would LOVE to own a spinning wheel some day (yes, I just turned 29, not 65). If you’re thinking about spinning yarn on a drop spindle, there are a lot of online resources.  If you’re close to the Bay Area, A Verb for Keeping Warm is an amazing resource for supplies and classes.  If you’re in the Sac Area, Rumpelstiltskin has some spinning classes and supplies too.  Right now, I’ve got some lovely A Verb for Keeping Warm Alpaca/Silk blend on the spindle. Stay tuned for a post about what I’ve done with all this yarn!


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Herringbone Cowl…finished

Remember this?  It’s done!



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Look what came in the mail today!

2 skeins of Malabrigo Worsted Yarn in Polar Morn so I can start this project…

I’m super excited about it…follow along to see how it turns out.

Speaking of knitting, here are some other knitting projects that I’m working on.  Click on the pictures for the patterns.  Hope I finish the sweater before it’s too hot for sweaters.

Socks for Greg


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